"Where am I going?" is the first song created during the musical writing workshops around exile set up by Limbo.
F., a Djiboutian activist, wrote this song in Conques, in 2018, with the support of the LIMBO team and Mathias Duplessy, musician. It is unedited content, never broadcast before. 

Film synopsis

"The desert, the camps, the torture, the hunger. Libya, death. The sea… finally, land.
When stories are used up, when all the words are used up, how can we make a pain that remains unspeakable heard?
Survivors of the long road of exile, young girls and men arrive in Conques, in the heart of the Aveyron.
A village, an historic abbey on a pilgrimage route.
There, a very young association, LIMBO, surrounded by welcoming inhabitants, allows the group to rest for a while.
These young people come from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Guinea and the DRC.

In Conques, they walk, discuss, breathe, but they cannot shake off the memory of death that haunts them. It catches up with them at the bend of a path, in the depths of the night, during an exchange with the others at the table, in the refectory. Then one day a crazy idea comes up. Like a collective experience. 
The story begins in autumn in this small part of France and ends in July, in the brightness of a summer, on the banks of the Dourdou river, which flows at the bottom of the valley.

The director places her camera in a library, the kitchen of a house, in a corner of an old barn. One by one, the young survivors begin a long exchange with her, which takes place in front of the camera, free of any chronological constraint, to evoke what has deeply marked them on the road. An obsession then emerges, a theme that will be the theme of the song.
Together, from the words they have noted down, they begin to write. Later came the time for music, accompanied by Mathias Duplessy, one of France's great world music writers.

Over the course of the year, each member of the group writes one, sometimes two songs.
All of them eventually found their way to this voice that allows them to be heard better. A different voice, a common language. The seasons pass, the bodies relax, the writing is refined, the voices are raised. One by one, the songs composed end up redrawing the road of exile, telling of the pain crossed... to finally create, together, a great song of the living.