Limbo Charter

Limbo's mission is fighting human trafficking. The association takes care of refugees who are victims of serious violence, rape and torture, during their journey through Libya in particular. Its actions aim to help these broken men and women to live again, in particular by organising accompanied stays in Aveyron, on the road to resilience.


After the discovery of the existence of torture camps for migrants in Sinai in 2014, Limbo was founded to help survivors escape their nightmares. Every year, thousands of refugees from all over Africa pass through these torture camps, now scattered all over Libya. Even before the ordeal of crossing the Mediterranean, the severe physical and psychological traumas they suffer - just like war victims - prevent them from living and looking ahead. Limbo wants to help break the vicious circle of traumatic neurosis (PTSD).

Objectives and means

Organise stays during school holidays, develop its internships and ensure the long-term follow-up of its beneficiaries. To make people aware of the fates of the victims, the role of intermediaries and the reality of trafficking. And of the tragic extent of this trafficking.

Definition, rights and duties

Limbo is a humanitarian association, independent of any political party, of any denomination, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its associative status is defined by the law of 1901. Limbo ensures its financial independence through various sources of funding. Limbo, which bears witness to a real associative life, produces an annual moral and financial report approved by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors meets regularly and exercises its guiding role.

Rights of members

  • Being part of Limbo
  • Participate in the association's activities: having a voice, being part of initiatives and decision-making.

Duties of members

  • Adhere to the Limbo charter of values.
  • Participate in Limbo meetings, debates and public events.
  • Participate in the life of the association by remaining committed to its mission.